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What can Intell Lighting do for your business?

Intell Lighting offers simple, turnkey solutions that saves you up to 70% on your lighting energy costs. Get started today with your free energy audit.



Free Energy Audit

Our trained technicians will visit your site and conduct a FREE full assessment of your current lighting systems. To better understand problems surrounding energy consumption, waste and all the associated issues with it, we like to simplify our audit into individual areas making it easy for anyone to comprehend the true savings, ROI, and payback period.

Innovative Products

Intell Lighting offers innovative solutions for all applications, using the latest technology available in LED, fluorescent, and outdoor lighting. All of our products are manufactured in North America, and are backed with the best warranties in the industry. We carry only Tier One products with the highest efficiency ratings available. Our product line is DLC approved and Energy Star rated for all applicable rebate programs.

Government Rebates

Getting your project underway without delay is our priority. At Intell Lighting we handle all the complicated paperwork, whether your project is prescriptive, engineered or custom we will find you plenty of available incentives to help you save.

Expert Installation

Our highly qualified technicians are reliable, clean and customer service is our #1 goal. All our jobs are inspected by your local utility company and upon completion we issue ESA Certificates with closed permits. Quality and workmanship are our focus and we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Case Studies

Gas Station and Carwash LED RetrofittingGas Station and Carwash LED Retrofitting
Gas Station and Carwash LED Retrofitting

Your current outdoor lighting requires over 300 watts per fixture. Intell Lighting’s state of [read more]

Industrial BuildingsIndustrial Buildings
Industrial Buildings

Machining Company operates Monday through Friday from 7am-5pm but requires 24/7 security lighting, making [read more]

Commercial and Residential BuildingsCommercial and Residential Buildings
Commercial and Residential Buildings

Commercial, large office buildings, along with residential condos are the single largest users of [read more]

Parking GarageParking Garage
Parking Garage

Underground parking in residential and office buildings constitute 60% of the building’s total electricity [read more]