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Think globally, act locally. Every business needs lighting, yet very few take the time to think about how much it really costs them. With the rising global demand for energy in recent years, businesses are facing significant increases in electrical costs. How do you overcome such challenges? Your business needs to be sustainable by adopting new energy efficient lighting systems that provide brighter, cleaner, quality lighting at a fraction of the cost to operate and maintain.

As Canada¬í’s premier full service LED lighting distributor in high-rise residential, commercial, small business and Energy Management Projects, Intell Lighting works diligently to provide our clients with the tools that enable them to become leaders in both conservation and production, ultimately allowing them to manage costs that have been otherwise uncontrollable.

Our effective lighting solutions offer immediate savings that can provide a healthy Return on Investment in less than 24 months, along with a guarantee of up to 70% savings on your monthly hydro bill.

Starting with a free lighting assessment, we will outline a comprehensive plan that exceeds current energy standards and allows you to operate as efficiently as possible, leaving no stone unturned. Our custom tailored lighting layout, designed with your spaces specific needs in mind includes a thorough breakdown of your current lighting systems inefficiencies on a zone-by-zone basis to ensure that you make an educated decision when it comes to your company’s bottom line.

Because each space is unique and should be assessed on its individual requirements, Intell Lighting navigates the complexities of system upgrades, from hardware, automation, to rebate and incentive documentation ensuring you get the highest paybacks possible. Our thorough expertise in designing, creating, and installing commercial, industrial, and high-rise residential properties allows our clients to convert their existing and inefficient lighting systems with energy efficient lighting solutions guaranteeing savings from day one with no capital costs.

Better lighting means longer life cycles – Call us today and let us ENLIGHTEN your world, one hydro bill at a time.

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