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Better lighting means longer life cycles. Energy efficient LED lighting effectively reduces your bottom line by up to 70%, increases work productivity and solidifies a higher resale value. Gone are the days of constant lift and maintenance costs.

Intell Lighting will assist you in meeting and exceeding your budget objectives without compromising the ability to operate within your environment.

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Parking Garage

Our lighting is built to last and gives you peace of mind knowing that your maintenance costs will be kept to a minimum.

Today’s advancements allow lighting systems to be scalable and tied to motion sensors ultimately enhancing the life of the fixtures. By using the tools provided to you by Intell Lighting, you can effectively minimize usage in low traffic areas when it is not needed. ¬†Fewer changes equal fewer charges!

Our state of the art sensor automated fixtures allows up to 70% savings on your operating costs with a guaranteed 1 – 3 year payback


High-Rise Residential

Why spend thousands of dollars a year just to replace and maintain inefficient bulbs and use more than you need when you have the power to manage costs that were once uncontrollable?

Our 5 year warranty on our 100,000 hour fixtures means you’ll rarely have to think of them again!





Small Business and Retail

Allow us to replace your current outdated and inefficient lighting with a new system that allows you up to 100,000 hour bulb life per fixture.

A simple switch also guarantees a significant reduction in maintenance costs, while enhancing security and the workplace environment.




It’s quite simple. Dramatically lowering energy consumption means more money in your pocket!

Approximately 70% of energy bills in commercial buildings constitute the lighting system and it’s usage. Intell Lighting can guarantee a reduction of your hydro bill by up to 70% from the moment you upgrade to our next generation efficient lighting solutions. Modern LED and fluorescent lighting is easier on the eyes, and it creates a more comfortable environment for your staff. It also produces more lumens with less energy meaning your work space is brighter and more efficient.

Requesting a FREE audit is all it takes to unlock the thousands in savings waiting to melt off your next hydro bill!